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Welcome to The Sanctuary

Slow Mo Sloth Club is an NFT collection of the 6,000 most philosophical creatures living on the Ethereum blockchain.

This NFT project was created to build a community of people who want to help animal species. Early adopters of the project were to be handsomely rewarded for laying the foundations of this wildlife hub, and with time and more members, the intention was to welcome more struggling creatures.

While this project has ended, you can still head to Opensea to see some of the sloths released.

Our Mission

The Sloth Conservation Foundation (SloCo) is a charity dedicated to saving sloths in the wild through research and conservation initiatives.

The goal was to to donate 5% from the pre-sale and public sale, as well as 0.5% of the royalty income to help their cause.

The SMSC sloths are divided into two genders: male and female.
This trait was revealed alongside the artwork 24 hours after the sale ended.






The SMSC Genesis Sloths, came with amazing traits as well as utilities.

Breeding & NFT Locking

Ability to breed a baby sloth if you have both male & female adult sloths in your wallet, or if you sire with a female.


If you don’t have both genders, you can buy the opposite gender from the official OpenSea SMSC page.


A max of 1,500 baby sloths. These will have second-hand royalties set at 8%.

Community Token

The Community Token was going to be liquefied by the 50% of the second-hand royalties of baby sloths, 50% of the siring fee and 25% of the breeding profits.


The journey begins

From 3 different continents, the SMSC team is established. Talented artists, designers and blockchain developers join the NFT community, delivering quality only seen in blockbuster movies and best selling games.

The mission: create 6,000 uniquely styled sloths and help endangered animals.

Art front and center

The first of the sloths make their appearance, and the flood gates are opened. Discord and the website are launched as we build our community and make new friends.

Sloth adoption program

Whitelist slots are open, and everyone has an equal chance to become one of the 1,000 early adopters. Don’t sloth on this one.

Sales go live

Whitelist: March 18th @ 6pm EST
Public: March 20th @ 2pm EST

The Grand reveal

6,000 unique sloths are revealed. 10% of our profits are donated to selected charities working together to save endangered animals.
Phase two of the roadmap is made public.

Our Team

The Slow Mo team has extensive and diverse experience ranging from feature film and games to online marketplaces and web3 experiences.










Is the project still live?

Yes. You can still find the Sloths on OpenSea; unfortunately, the utilities and roadmap have halted after the project ran out of funding.

A collection of the 6,000 most philoslothical creatures, living on the Ethereum Blockchain.
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